What do the Czechtopless boys do?

Czechtopless boys will record your action with a professional and entertaining approach. Specific duties will depend on the type of event and customer requirement or company.
Examples of what their job is: to provide first-class service in food service and drink; communicate with guests; play an active part in playing games; provide more fun than you could imagine.

What do The Czechtopless boys not do?

The main services that The Czechtopless boys provide are topless waiterssing and entertaining. There is a stripper that can be hired, but most of Czechtopless boys are topless only and are professional in keeping it that way. We are there to make your event what you want it to be and are a service for hire, we stand apart from the competition with our charm and professionalism.

Can I take a photo during the show?

Taking photos is generally permitted however this is up to the performer and you can ask them when they arrive. No video recording is permitted during the show.

How much do The Czechtopless boys cost?

We can also customize the service. Take advantage of our Orders and get an idea of the cost of a particular event.Czechtopless will cooperate with you to provide you with an enjoyable event at a reasonable price.

How far do you travel?

Czechtopless are boys from Prague, but we are able to travel beyond Prague, but for a fee from traveling.

How many boys can I hire?

You can hire as many Czechtopless boys as you think fit for your event. Ask simply and we will work with you on the best solution. We offer two boys for two hours at least for each event.

Do The Boys Perform At Mixed Crowds Like A 18th Birthday Party?

Of course we have it, we like to participate in every event and bring something extra.

I am not sure what to plan for the rest of the night, can you help?

Yes, we can look after to planning for you. Thanks to the topless experience, we recommend the venue and provide a guest list.